Commercial Insurance

No matter your company size or specialty, we can help! To make you “safer with Shafer®”, we begin by developing a thorough understanding of your business and its vulnerabilities. We then assemble insurance coverages and risk transfer methods designed to protect your company from loss and protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Commercial Insurance Coverages We Offer

  • Automobile

    As a general rule, one of the biggest exposures a business can have is automobiles out on the road. Whether your company drives one million or one thousand miles per year, things can go wrong very quickly. We can design a plan for you for your owned, fleet, hired and non-hired autos that will keep your costs as low as possible.

  • Crime Insurance

    Crime insurance has evolved tremendously over the years to include computer fraud, funds transfer fraud, social engineering, etc. There are many different coverages for these types of losses, and at Shafer Insurance Agency, we consider a proper evaluation an essential service offering.

  • Cyber Liability Insurance

    This coverage is incredibly important to any company’s risk management plan, as it protects businesses from internet-based risks such as fraud, ransom ware, extortion, systems failure, and network security. Due to federal and state requirements, the cost to clean up a cyber breach is estimated to cost $150,000 to $300,000. Don’t leave your company exposed; let us help you make sure you’re properly covered.

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  • General Liability

    Are you adequately protecting your business? Did you know in the event of a bad loss that you’re deemed responsible for, you can lose not only what you have now, but what you may have in the future? Whether you’re in the hospitality, manufacturing or other industry, you must proactively assess your potential exposure before something happens.

  • International Insurance

    Most policies give liability coverage anywhere in the world as long as the lawsuit is brought in the United States. However, if you sell product overseas, this can create a large gap in coverage. International liability coverage, along with coverage restrictions for importing and exporting, makes creating a proper international insurance plan vital.

  • Professional & Management Liability

    Professional and/or management liability is a broad term that describes products to cover directors and officers, employment practices, trustees, and fiduciary liability. A common myth is that only large companies need these liability products; however, even if you have one employee, you are exposed for claims including discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and more.

  • Property

    The property that your business owns is a major asset, and being covered for losses (whether minor or catastrophic) is extremely important. Commercial property insurance covers more than just the building – your contents and critical business assets should be reviewed. From determining the value of your building, to complex evaluations of your business income, you can depend on the professionals at Shafer Insurance Agency to evaluate your risks and catch potential losses.

  • Worker's Compensation

    Whether it’s providing you with a safety program, drug-free workplace training or strengthening your return-to-work program, our experienced team can develop a tailored plan that is appropriate for your sized business.

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  • Commercial Umbrella

    Just like an umbrella provides protection from the rain, a commercial umbrella insurance policy provides you extra protection in addition to your primary liability policies (such as general liability or business auto insurance). Without this extra coverage, you would have to pay out of pocket to cover items such as medical bills, legal costs, legal judgments, and property damages that exceed the limit of your primary liability policies. Umbrella policies are sold in increments of one million dollars and can be increased as far as your budget allows.

Shafer Select Coverages

Our Shafer Select Division specializes in start-ups and small businesses whose needs are every bit as important as those of larger operations. With the concerns and challenges that small business owners face in mind, the Shafer Select Team will work with you to find comprehensive coverage for your business that is affordable and easy to understand.

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Safety Services We Provide

As an added value to our clients, we have a dedicated safety services officer that will visit your site.

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I started running L&W Services with my dad in 1982, and we have been doing business with Shafer for at least that long. Maybe longer. Every person at Shafer that I have worked has been great, and I appreciate all you have done to help me the last several years.

Lisa Ellis

I would highly recommend Shafer Insurance to everyone. Being new business owners and new at all of this, everyone at Shafer has been very helpful and friendly. I would especially like to thank Cindy Matlock and Jaunita Long. We would have been lost without them. They are very available and always kind. Shafer insurance has made us feel at home.

Candice Cinniamon

Shafer Insurance has been our company’s insurance agency for more years than I can count, and our company has been around almost 100 years. Shafer always finds us the best rates and their customer service is impeccable! White Realty and Service Corporation highly recommends them!

Becky Mink

Our company uses Shafer Insurance because of the outstanding service their company provides consistently. Not only do they work to find us the lowest premiums but when ever we have an issue they work hard to make sure the issue is resolved no matter what it is. I consider Shafer Insurance to be more than a vendor .. they are a valued advisor with our company. .. one that I trust. Anyone would be well served to use Shafer Insurance for all their insurance needs.

Stewart Ritchie