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Enter your details below to generate an estimate of your Worker's Comp premiums. Note: these rates are valid for TN only, if you’re interested in another state please contact us with the information below.

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This calculation is only an indication of premium based solely on the information entered, you will need to actually speak to a representative of Shafer Insurance Agency to get a bindable quote. This calculator is for illustration only and in no way is an actual insurance policy

Dollar amounts above represent 3 tiers of rates, good, better, and best. Talk with your agent about these rates and which tier applies to your business.

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Do any of these apply to you?

I have a drug-free workplace. (5% discount *)

I have a written Return to Work policy. (Up to 5% discount *)

I have had no work comp losses in the last 3 years. (Up to 10% discount *)

We are members of the Knoxville Chamber. (Up to 5% membership dividend benefit *)

* The minimum policy premium is $750.00; discounts cannot reduce the premium below the minimum.