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Given today’s legal climate, it is important to consider a Personal Liability Umbrella to help protect your assets and future earnings from a financially devastating lawsuit.

An umbrella can provide an extra layer of coverage in addition to your auto, home and boat policy. In some circumstances, it can provide some coverage the underlying policy doesn’t provide.

One of the most valuable aspects of the personal umbrella is coverage for your legal defense fees, even if you are falsely accused. This is very economical coverage, and incredibly valuable if you ever need to call on it.


Personal Umbrella Questions to Ask Yourself

  • 27% of the auto accidents in the U.S. are caused by youthful drivers that make up only 12% of the driver population. Do you need to protect your assets from an inexperienced driver in the household?
  • Did you know that Personal Liability Umbrellas have world-wide coverage, much broader than most automobile policies?
  • If you rent or borrow a boat, but you don’t have a watercraft policy – can you call on your Personal Umbrella policy for coverage?
  • Do you have friends or relatives who have experienced an accident that seemed minor at the scene of the accident, only to receive a lawsuit for injuries later?

An umbrella policy can provide coverage over motorcycles, rental homes, secondary residences and motorhomes.

The peace of mind of an umbrella may cost less than $200/year.

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