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Shafer Insurance Agency has been insuring the homes, automobiles and valuables of its customers since 1963. We insure a wide variety of homes – from starter homes, to $2,000,000 dream homes and retirement condominiums. Does your homeowner’s policy provide “extended” or “expanded” replacement cost coverage on your dwelling, or do you have a full guaranteed replacement endorsement on your policy? What’s the difference? Is the wording vague? The Personal Lines department at Shafer Insurance Agency works to protect all your personal assets and protect your property.

Shafer Insurance Agency can also provide a personal articles policy for those special items that may have limited coverage in a regular homeowner’s policy. A personal articles policy has no deductible, and can be much broader than the coverage that is afforded in the homeowner’s policy.

We can customize coverage for each individual need. We want to ensure you not only have the coverage you ask for, but also any extended or special coverage you might need.


What does it mean to have an Independent Agent for Personal Lines?

Being an Independent Insurance Agent gives the Shafer Personal Lines department the capacity to work with several insurance carriers that offer all personal lines coverage.

Our relationships with multiple A+ rated insurance carriers and their special programs for homeowners allow us to find the specialty coverage you need for your valuables. This also includes collectible and vintage vehicles, motorcycles, and watercrafts.

Protecting your assets with the right coverage with appropriate limits is by far the most important service we provide for our customers.


Home Insurance Questions to Ask

  • Would you add earthquake coverage to your policy to insure yourself from a catastrophic earthquake loss, especially if the cost was minimal?
  • Are you concerned enough to take safeguards regarding identity theft? Can your homeowner’s policy help?
  • Are your children covered for liability while they are living at college? Are their computers and televisions covered while they are in the dorm, or in off campus housing?
  • If a tree on your property falls on your neighbor’s fence (and no one heard it), does your policy pay for the fence? If the tree was rotten and notice was given, does that matter?
  • Is there sewer back up coverage in your current policy? Can you obtain flood coverage also?
  • Do you have a home based business that needs to be added to a homeowner’s policy?
  • Did you know the homeowner’s policy has limits for jewelry, silver, guns, furs, and business property…but you can ‘schedule’ those items and broaden the coverage?
  • Do you have artwork or a collection of treasured items or a musical instrument that requires the value be established in advance in case of a loss?

Let us help you answer these questions and find the best coverage for you.


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