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Shafer Insurance Agency has been insuring the homes, automobiles and valuables of its customers since 1963.

We can provide coverage for most any auto insurance risk, including: SUVs, youthful operators with good records, classic cars and motorhomes. We include discounts for airbags, anti-theft devices, drivers with 30 years of driving experience, excellent credit scores and clean driving records, as well as cross discounts if you insure your home with us.

We want to ensure you not only have the coverage you ask for, but also any extended or special coverage you might need.


What does it mean to have an Independent Agent for Personal Lines?

Being an Independent Insurance Agent gives the Shafer Personal Lines department the capacity to work with several insurance carriers that offer all personal lines coverage.

Our relationships with multiple A+ rated insurance carriers and their special programs for homeowners allow us to find the specialty coverage you need for your valuables. This also includes collectible and vintage vehicles, motorcycles, and watercrafts.

Protecting your assets with the right coverage with appropriate limits is by far the most important service we provide for our customers.


Auto Insurance Questions to Ask

  • If you purchase a new vehicle over the weekend, is there any automatic coverage with your policy?
  • If you lend your car to a friend and he has an accident, whose insurance pays for the damage?
  • Do I need to add coverage for the DVD player or GPS in my vehicle, or is it automatically included?
  • Is it better to list my youthful driver on a separate policy to isolate the exposure?
  • If you rent a car in Puerto Rico while on vacation, does your auto coverage transfer to the rental car?
  • Does your auto coverage transfer to a U-haul truck when you rent the truck? Does the size of the truck have any bearing on coverage?
  • Would it be convenient to have no deductible for glass breakage, if it did not increase your premium and it did not count against your claim record?
  • Does your policy have ‘first accident forgiveness’ so you are not charged for the first at fault accident?
  • Are you successful in contacting the person that placed the coverage for you at the agency you do business with now? Do you speak to someone different every time you call?


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